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Special Rolls

Item Name Price

Dragon Roll

BBQ eel. cucumber inside w. sliced avocado & eel sauce on top

Fire Dragon Roll

Shrimp tempura atocado inside salmon & crab meat on top w. spicy mayo sauce & eel sauce

Fire Mountain Roll

Fresh salmon, tuna, yellowtail & avocado inside snow crab salad and spicy mayo sauce eel sauce on top

Golden Roll

Smoked salmon avocado cream cheese inside w. termpura red snapper and eel sauce on top

Green River Roll

Spicy crunchy tuna topped w. avocado chili sauce & ponzu sauce (no rice)

Hawaii Roll

Snow crab, crunch & mango inside, topped w. fresh strawberry, kiwi w. mango sauce

Hot Mama Roll

Double shrimp tempura. mango topped w. tuna & eel sauce

House Roll

BBQ eel, avocado, topped w. tuna, salmon white fish & rainbow tobiko

Jazz Roll

Jazz Roll

Joe's Roll

Snow crab, avocado. cream cheese inside w. banana tempura & eel sauce, wasabi sauce on top

Kuchi Special Roll

Spicy white tuna avocado inside, topped w. tuna, salmon & yellowtail

Lover's Roll

Pepper tuna and asparagus inside, topped w. spicy tuna & crunch

O.M.G Roll

Spicy salmon snow crab (whole roll deep fried)

Pink Lady Roll

Spicy salmon and crunch inside, w. fresh salmon and avocado on top

Rainbow Roll

Crab stick cucumber inside, tuna, salmon yellowtail avocado on top

Rock'n Roll

Double shrimp tempura snowcrab. avocado cucumber w. eel sauce on top

Snow Mountain Roll

Spicy tuna crunch inside, topped w. snowcrab w. spicy mayo sauce

Tiger Roll

Juna salmon, yellowtail, wocado & crunch inside wrapped w. sop bean paper

Volcano Roll

Snowcrab, avocado inside & baked snowcrab, salad w. crunch & tobiko on top

Winter Roll

Spicy yellowtail, avocado, topped w. yellowtail, tuna, eel & tobiko

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